Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Official!

Yesterday I made my reservations for Sturgis.I went to Sturgis for the first time in 2000 and I said that I would never go back. There are too many people, everything is way too expensive and I hate crowds. I've spent every year since then at the smaller rallies. I love those but I'd been starting to think that it was time for something different.
Well my buddy asked me a while back if I wanted to go with him. we'd been talking about taking a road trip together for quite some time. After much thought I decided that I would give Sturgis another chance and now I find myself very excited about it.
I'm not sure if I am more excited about the ride out there or the rally itself. I doubt that I will spend much time in town at all, maybe go check out a few vendors or look for people that I know. Most of our time I'm sure will be spent riding and checking out the sites. I love the Black Hills, I have since I was a kid and I'm very excited to get back out there.
We're going to be camping at Rushmore Shadows just south of Rapid City. It's nice and quiet. Don't get me wrong I love to party and have a good time, but dammit I love my sleep too. Like I said I hate crowds and I don't think that I could handle The Chip or Glencoe. I'd probably get into a fight and my wife would not be happy with me if I got arrested. I don't need the hassle. So if anyone wants to look me up, that's where I will be.
You all have a good day and keep the shiny side up!