Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's Bullshit!

So evidently in my neck of the woods we're supposed to get another winter storm over the next day or two. Now I'm a Minnesota boy born and raised. I grew up on a farm, I bale hay, I hunt, I ice fish and I'm not afraid of being out in the elements but what the fuck?! Maybe the past few winters have softened me up but Christ on a cracker this winter will not go away! It's like a bad case of some strange STD. Once you think it's gone it flares up and makes you piss fire for a week or so. I guess that I am being selfish because I want to ride my motorcycle and do some yard work. I know, we need the moisture for the farming, we need the moisture for the lakes and rivers for the fish and the fishing. However, I need the sunshine, warmth and motorcycle riding for my sanity! As I look out the window right now it is snowing, it's fucking April, knock it off! There, I've said my piece and I feel better. So the other day was the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. My wife is a marathon runner and what happened there scares the hell out of me. What is wrong with people? I can't begin to comprehend what would make someone want to do that to innocent people. Was it some extremist group? Was it some religious nut job? Maybe it was just some jackass who didn't get hugged enough as a child. Whoever it was or whatever the reasoning behind it something needs to be done about it. Something other than what has become the norm perhaps. I'm not saying dragging them through the streets or public executions or anything like that specifically. Just something other than putting them in a cell to rot for years while I pay taxes to keep the coward or cowards alive. What is to discourage similar behavior? Who knows the answers? It sure as hell isn't me I know that. Anyway, hug your loved ones today because who knows what will happen tomorrow. And if you're the one praying for snow STOP! Enjoy the day! Later

Monday, April 8, 2013

Holy Hell!!

I guess that I have let this thing go a bit. If anyone has been wondering why I haven't written anything for a long fucking time it's not because I'm dead or anything. I was just lazy. Then that lethargy turned into pure forgetfulness. Anyway, I'm still here in beautiful southwest Minnesota and surprisingly not much has changed in a year. It's pretty sad to say that you haven't missed anything except my nonsense ramblings. My band Blue Water is still playing out locally. We're all doing fine and sound better than ever. My buddy and I are planning another trip to Sturgis and I couldn't be more excited. Maybe this year I will try to remember to write about it when I get back. Beyond that I promise I will try be better about remembering that I have a blog. Anyway, Enjoy the day!