Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's new?

So, how has everyone been?
I haven't written here since before Sturgis, so I'll start with that. Sturgis was a good time. The ride out and back was very uneventful which was not a bad thing at all. The weather was great and the traffic was tolerable.
I hadn't been to Sturgis since 2000 and now I remember why. I love to ride in the hills but damn do I hate the crowds. That just reaffirms my love for the smaller rallies. Don't get me wrong, I'll go again someday but it will probably a week or two before or after the rally. I think that's more my speed. Oh yeah, I bought a new GoPro camera to mount on my bike to take some cool video. I had a 4Gb SD card and like a 20Gb card. I filled the 20 with pictures and video and then proceeded to lose the damn thing somewhere between here and Sturgis. Oh well, fuck pictures I have a good memory.
Lets see, what else is going on. Oh, my band is coming along nicely. We've been playing out a bit which is nice. Here is a link to our YouTube site if anyone is interested. The name of the band is "Blue Water", I'm the singer.

Let me know what you think.

I've been trying to catch up on things at my house to get ready for winter. I finally got my new garage door in and all of my winter preparation chores done. My wife and I have been helping out my mom a lot the past few months since she is alone now. She seems to be doing fine though. I've been keeping a watchful eye on her to make sure she doesn't get too down. She's a tough broad though, I'm sure she'll be fine. Let's wish her luck!
I had to finally put the bikes away for the winter...kind of. They are in the shed but the batteries are still in just in case. As soon as we get snow I'll take them out and start with my winter mods, money providing that is.
My homebrewing is going great. It's a hobby that I absolutely love. I just bought a kegging system, because bottling blows ass!
I got a used refrigerator that is now my designated beer fridge. Due to limited space at my house it is out at my dads. That's fine though, he needs a beer once in a while too. I have 2 kegs so I can have 2 on tap at any time. It's fucking great!
For Thanksgiving this year I have a batch of hard apple cider, 2 gallons of wine and about 5 gallons of beer, all of which is homemade. I hope that's enough!

Anyway, that's a bit of an update for you all if you give a shit.
Enjoy the day!!

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